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ProductCon San Francisco 2023: what to expect

ProductCon, the renowned conference dedicated to product management and innovation, stands as a vibrant epicenter where IT companies and startups converge.

This dynamic gathering ignites the spark of knowledge-sharing and networking within the industry. Here, thought leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs unite to unleash the potential of the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies shaping product development.

Vanguard-X embarked on an exciting journey with ProductCon in different cities around the world, searching for valuable insights. We uncovered the essential power of customer-centricity in product management and operations.

But that’s not all: We also unearth ways to ignite our corporate culture, fueling professional careers and fostering epic collaborations among the diverse leaderships within Vanguard-X.

Here, we’ll share 4 game-changing lessons we have learned from ProductCon at Vanguard-X, and what to expect for this time in San Francisco event.


1. The Future of Product is Now


Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia, the CEO and founder of Product School, highlights that product management is a prevailing trend in most companies. It’s evident from the fact that over 50% of US companies have a chief product officer (CPO) on their teams.

Have you ever wondered why this trend is so prevalent? Well, in times of economic uncertainty, the products that truly succeed are the ones that not only win and retain customers but also capture new ones.

The growth of both technology and non-technology companies now heavily depends on the product itself, making effective product management more important than ever.

At Vanguard-X, we make sure to stay on top of industry trends to stay well-informed about the world of product management. This helps us implement valuable insights and constantly improve our services, all while keeping our focus on our customers.


2. Product Management and Product Marketing: The Power of Collaboration

Gone are the days when product management and product marketing were viewed as opposing fields. Today, they have evolved into a formidable duo that holds potential for any company’s success. When professionals from these areas work together, they can unlock the true power of their product, moving the whole company forward.

Thanks to Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia’s talk, we gained valuable insights into the symbiotic relationship between product management and product marketing. His unique perspective showed how working together across departments can drive innovation and achieve positive business results.

Furthermore, we’re inspired by Jameela Calhoun, VP of Product Marketing at Eventbrite. By leading and using her expertise, Calhoun emphasized the importance of collaboration between product management and marketing teams.

Her insights have allowed us to understand the importance of fostering a culture of cross-functional collaboration at Vanguard-X. We believe that diverse perspectives and skills drive creativity, innovation, and impressive outcomes.


3. The Significance of Skilling Product Managers


Credits: Callum Barker-Nicol

Given the widespread adoption of product management across various industries, it’s vital to prioritize personnel training in this domain. By implementing continuous education and training programs, we not only nurture talented employees but also cultivate a culture driven by customer-centricity.

As Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia rightly emphasizes, placing human talent at the core and prioritizing the user experience serve as crucial pillars for driving success and growth in today’s fiercely competitive business landscape.

By investing in the development of our teams and embracing a user-first approach, we position ourselves for long-term success while creating a meaningful impact in the market.


4. Self-awareness: The Foundation of Teams

Building a successful company is no overnight triumph. It emerges from tireless hours of hard work and the relentless efforts of countless teams, driven by a collective commitment to excellence and the constant pursuit of adaptation and innovation. But what truly unlocks our potential for productivity and triumph is self-awareness.

Drawing inspiration from Sneha Narahalli, the VP of product & UX at Sephora, we delve into her empowering journey as a product leader. In her discussion at ProductCon, Narahalli emphasizes the importance of giving purpose and direction to our teams.

With her unique perspective, at Vanguard-X, we’ve come to grasp the undeniable truth: self-awareness is the driving force behind teams’ growth.



The lessons learned from ProductCon Online 2023 have been transformative for Vanguard-X, and that’s why we are coming for more this 12 of November in San Francisco.

The significance of user-centricity, the power of collaboration between product management and marketing, the importance of continuous training in product management, and the role of self-awareness in driving teams’ growth are all game-changers.

We’re inspired to keep evolving, stay informed about the emergent trends, and strive for excellence in our services. By implementing these insights, we aim to foster a culture of innovation, create a meaningful impact in the market, and secure long-term success.


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