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  • Client: LearnIn
  • Location: US
  • Industry: Education
  • Service: It Staff Augmentation
  • Technology: Backend on .NET using services and API’s. Frontend on React.js.


The solution we implemented involved establishing a collaborative development team comprising both client personnel from Learin and our team at Vanguard X. Together, we worked on analyzing use cases, documenting required changes, and executing tasks related to adding new functionalities and bug fixes.

This approach allowed for efficient communication and knowledge sharing between both parties, ensuring that all necessary modifications were accurately captured and implemented. By leveraging the collective expertise and resources of both teams, we were able to streamline the development process and deliver comprehensive solutions to meet the project’s requirements.

What is App Development?

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About the Company

Learn In helps companies establish talent academies that steer all the resources needed for building an always-skilled workforce. HR, Talent and L&D leaders use Learn In to modernize access to learning budgets and world-class programs, and to simplify the delivery of custom programs to employee groups. Learn In’s core features include a tuition benefits manager, a prepaid learning stipend card, a world-class program marketplace and custom program builder, and dedicated coaching. Now every employee can build deeper skills precisely aligned to company needs.

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The product provides a wide range of options that require a deep understanding for implementation. Our comprehensive strategy and expertise effectively met client needs by combining knowledge with tailored solutions to address the multifaceted demands of the project.



We delivered a robust application that met client requirements and improved efficiency with faster response times and fewer errors. We also enhanced security measures to protect sensitive data. Our solution provided a stronger, more efficient, and secure application.
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