Manage Your Finances

An all-in-one app that allows users to track their incomes and expenses, and check out their spending by categories and percentages in order to help them make the right decisions to meet their goals.

The main challenge was to get the user to record his expenses and income on a daily basis.

Blue serves as the main color, which contrasts with the subdued secondary color palette. The tertiary palette is linked to incoming money (green) and outgoing money (red).

We performed several iterations on low-fidelity wireframes until we finally achieved an intuitive user flow.

We design simple screens where users can keep track of their expenses and set their goals for different timeframes. We also designed graphics where these are shown, to make it more visual and user friendly.

Achieve your goals

It helps us establish and track our savings goals in order to achieve them.

Visualize your expenses

You can not only keep track of your money, but it also graphically shows you your daily income vs. expenses.

Leave it to us

Specify your financial goals and the application will let you know your daily, weekly, and/or monthly limits and how close you are to reaching your goal.