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The Most Impressive Sports NFTs

If you were a sports fan as a child, you probably wanted to collect stickers and cards. In a way, the possibility of collecting figures about your favorite sportsmen implies a very relevant emotional value.

Nowadays, however, this also has an economic component. A particular sticker can increase in value over time and become a great investment – even digitally.

The advent of sports NFTs proposes a change in collecting. Until a few years ago, both children and adults who wanted to collect sports memorabilia probably bought stickers or cards

The best sports NFTs

Now, this can be digital. Here’s a look at the hottest sports NFTs and why it can be an incredible way to combine passion with investment.

Sports NFTs


It’s one of the most famous of the last few months. Paris Saint-Germain launched its first artistic NFT. This token had hit the market for $2.77 in June 2020 and reached a high of $61.23. This situation occurred when Lionel Messi decided to sign for this French team. Therefore, there was a revaluation of more than 1,500%. 

In other words, those who owned a PSG token were proud to have one of the best players in the world in their NFT. However, they also made a great deal, as they could sell it at its highest price, so they made a substantial financial difference. 


In this case, NBA NFTs are known as Top Shots. To date, the top basketball division in the United States has raised more than 200 million dollars. The curious thing is that these are tokens with very distinctive characteristics.

These are digital pieces that compile the best plays of each match. For example, some “parts” of these videos are priced between 9 and 200 dollars. Therefore, each NFT is unique and not repeated. This way, if you’ve loved a shot of your favorite basketball player, you can buy it and know that it will be yours forever.   

paris saint germain nfts


This NFT is one of the most interesting. If you ever dreamed of having an autograph of your favorite athlete, now you can save it in digital format. This is an innovation created by Tom Brady, a famous American football player, and Naomi Osaka, a renowned Japanese tennis player. 

Therefore, fans can purchase various unique items. In addition to autographs, digital sports memorabilia, exclusive plays, and even digital objects belonging to the pros are also available. Undoubtedly, another perfect option for sports lovers.

The future of sports NFTs

As you can see, NFTs in sports are becoming very popular in recent months. If you have always been interested in collecting, you can see it as a way to get a souvenir of your favorite sportsmen and earn money with a possible investment.

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