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Virtual and augmented reality are two very different things.

VR replaces reality by putting on a headset that takes you to another place, another world. 

On the other hand, AR adds elements to reality. AR can either be experienced through headsets or through mobile devices. It projects information on top of what you already see in real life.

These two technologies could completely change the way we use computers in the future.

Uses for VR/AR

Virtual and augmented reality applications are becoming increasingly popular in businesses and across industries. Almost every sector has found ways to apply AR technology to improve processes and results.

Simulate scenarios

VR can be used to simulate scenarios that would be too complicated, dangerous, or expensive to reproduce in the real world.

Combine the real and virtual worlds

AR is an interactive experience that combines real and virtual worlds, real-time interaction, and 3D objects. Some of its uses are training and education, entertainment, retail, and many more.

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