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Why is staff augmentation in software development the latest trend

How to boost your business using staff augmentation

Across many different industries, software is the main engine driving growth and sustainability. But the combination of growing demand, talent shortage, and worldwide inflation has caused IT salaries and costs to skyrocket. Such a volatile context has increased the need for flexible solutions such as staff augmentation.

Oftentimes, when developing software for your company, you may find that your team is unable to solve a particular urgent problem, or that your current resources are not enough to reach an upcoming deadline. Moreover, you don’t have the time or budget to go through a traditional hiring process.

This is where the staff augmentation model can come to your rescue to provide you with top-notch IT talent swiftly and affordably. This model for achieving flexible scalability reduces costs and allows you to find qualified people to help power up your company. But how exactly does it work?

staff augmentation in software development

What is staff augmentation?

As Computerworld affirms, rising salaries in the IT sector and the lack of qualified employees in certain regions have caused many companies to search for IT expertise around the world. In this context, software development staff augmentation makes things easier for those companies in need to balance their software needs and their budgets.

Designed to help companies remain flexible as they scale, this model consists of temporarily hiring new talent that provides the specific skills that are needed to develop a software project. By opting for staff augmentation, you can easily scale your workforce without the long-term commitment and costs associated with the normal hiring process.

Benefits of implementing staff augmentation solution

Companies -especially startups- have always been in need to optimize their workflows to get the maximum benefit while running on a tight budget. But as business dynamics change more rapidly, tech departments today must be able to adapt faster than ever. This is what staff augmentation is all about.

So let’s take a look at the benefits of implementing this model at your company:

  1. Faster recruitment
    When searching for IT talent, traditional hiring processes are usually costly and time-consuming. On the contrary, staff augmentation frees you from considering factors such as salaries, benefits, training, or infrastructure costs.The staff augmentation model allows faster recruitment, as experienced third-party providers take care of the process. This makes it easier to find qualified workers to onboard fastly on your project.
  2. Flexibility and scalability
    Software development staff augmentation provides flexibility and scalability by helping your company manage the number of augmented staff members based on project requirements. This way, it facilitates optimal resource allocation and improved project agility, while enhancing your ability to adapt to changing business needs.
  3. Specialized resources
    High demand for skilled IT professionals, in many cases, has made it difficult for recruiters to find adequate resources. Due to the capacity, it provides to swiftly cover necessities, staff augmentation is highly effective at reducing time and costs as compared to hiring someone traditionally. In some projects, you may need someone qualified for a specific skill or technology you can’t find on your current team. Thanks to software development staff augmentation, you can find the right resource to collaborate with your team and help you solve a specific need.
  4. Collaboration
    One of the biggest benefits of software development staff augmentation is that it brings new points of view to your team. The people that integrate into your team are qualified and experienced in whatever needs you have on your current projects.This knowledge can be transmitted to the members of your own team, promoting a horizontal-knowledge structure across your organization that will contribute to overpowering your performance.
  5. Dedicated teams
    High-quality staff augmentation services provide you with specialized engineers that are exclusively assigned to your project. When you have dedicated professionals fully focused on boosting the capacities of your team, you can rely on their expertise throughout the entire cycle, which minimizes risks and ensures continuity.

staff augmentation for software development

Implementing staff augmentation

The process of implementing staff augmentation can vary widely depending on the specific needs of each project and each company. But we can definitely identify a series of steps in the successful implementation of staff augmentation.

  1. Diagnostics
    To begin with, the needs or gaps of your project requirements must be thoroughly evaluated, along with its goals and your team’s dynamic. This helps identify critical tasks or areas of expertise that require additional resources. Once these have been assessed, the specific roles or skill sets that would match these needs more effectively can be pinpointed.
  2. Talent assignation
    According to the requirements established in the diagnostics phase, skilled IT professionals are assigned to your project considering their knowledge, expertise, and cultural fit. Once the talent has been assigned, it is crucial to immediately establish fluent communication channels between the new resources and your current team. This will ensure information flows with the necessary clarity and accuracy to make the onboarding process as straightforward and seamless as possible.
  3. Onboarding process
    In order for the assigned resources to effectively and securely integrate into your team, it is crucial for them to gain a deep understanding of the processes and workflows of your business.At this point, proper documentation is key to reviewing and understanding the details of the project you will be working on. Developers must be able to read and have easy access to all necessary documents. Again, fluent communication between external resources and your team at this phase will be key to ensuring the success of the project.
  4. Constant support
    The success of the augmented team can only be ensured with continuous support, regular performance evaluations, and feedback sessions that are aimed at guaranteeing that the provided resources are achieving their goals.

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Keep growing with staff augmentation, the future of the industry

As the competition for top-notch IT talent spreads across the market, many companies, and especially startups, are struggling to gain access to the talent they need to ensure their growth.

Software development staff augmentation is a highly-effective strategy that provides them with qualified resources to help them grow. Today, with high salaries in the IT sector, growing software needs, and tight budgets, staff augmentation should be considered by all companies looking to increase their productivity at an affordable price.

The future of thriving companies relies on those processes, models, and resources that provide flexibility and adaptability. A necessity creates a demand, and the staff augmentation model has proved itself a useful tool in these volatile and challenging times.

But maximizing efficiency through software development staff augmentation will only be possible if you reach out to companies that have the expertise and talent needed to provide top-notch staff augmentation services. The software engineers, developers, and programmers they provide should be experienced enough to be able to integrate seamlessly into your team.

If you want to learn more about current trends in the IT industry, artificial intelligence, blockchain, or big data, keep reading our blog!

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