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Why does your business need software development outsourcing?

Software development outsourcing: the key to competitive edge

The world is getting more dynamic by the minute. As a decision-maker in your company, it’s important for you to keep up with technology and market novelties. Transformation and adaptation are your best friends right now (and always). Not only is this stand essential to get a competitive edge but mainly it’s the unavoidable way to sustain an efficient and profitable business in today’s ever-changing landscape.
When we talk about competitiveness, investment in software development outsourcing appears as one of the most advantageous choices. According to Gartner, worldwide IT spending is projected to total $4.6 trillion this year (an increase of 5.5% from 2022) and the IT outsourcing market in particular will increase $98 billion in the period 2020-2024.
These numbers show the relevance of software development outsourcing for modern organizations. Hiring a technological partner enables businesses to achieve higher economies of scale (better, faster) and, at the same time, focus their efforts on their core competencies. You’ll also save precious time and money. Efficiency seems to be the magic word here.
It doesn’t matter if you run a small startup or a 500 Fortune company. Keep reading to understand why software development outsourcing is the best course of action for your business evolution.

Outsourcing software development

6 top benefits of outsourcing software development

Let’s dive into all the value that IT outsourcing can bring to your business. Here are 6 good reasons why to outsource the outcome of your product.

  1. Access high-skilled and experienced professionals

    The IT talent market is a large-scale hot spot. Qualified specialists are constantly on the move and competition for their attention is fierce. Outsourcing software development will give you the opportunity to find the best team around the world without wasting time on the hiring process. And time is invaluable for your growth. Another important aspect of outsourced teams is access to a wide range of specialized skills. Niche experts can help you understand technologies and user personas as no one else in the market. Their knowledge is priceless for any project to stand out in the crowd.
    Outsourcing companies are much better at bringing new talent on an ad-hoc basis. Fresh minds are what you need to bring exciting ideas to the table and drive decisive innovation.

  2. Cost-effective solutions tailored to your budget

    There’s no doubt that cost-effectiveness is one of software development outsourcing’s biggest attractions.
    Hiring an in-house developer -especially if it’s an experience one- represents a lot of additional costs. It’s not only about wages but also benefit packages, taxes, holidays, training, and more. Actually, taking all these aspects into consideration, the true cost of a professional can scale up to three times the value of his/her salary.
    Imagine the advantage of hiring through an IT outsourcing company. They commit to finding you the best talent around and you can offload most of the costs into the partnership. As you’ll be hiring on a non-permanent basis, you can bring more people for a lot less money.
    Additionally, and in relation to the first point of this list of benefits, outsourcing professionals worldwide gives you access to top talent from more cost-convenient geographical regions.

  3.  Flexible Hiring Options for Scalability

    Even the most meticulously planned projects face unexpected circumstances. The dynamism of markets and technological advances makes flexibility an essential requirement for any successful software development. If you can’t adapt fast, outcomes will get delayed and much more expensive.
    Software development outsourcing gives you that invaluable level of scalability. Whether you need a quick ramp-up or down, an outsourcing partner will offer you the freedom to add or remove team members with ease. You’ll never get trapped with a massive unassigned in-house team or fighting for getting enough people for your project.
    In a nutshell, flexibility means adapting resources to fulfill needs. A good software development company will consider the size of your company, your budget, your preferred technologies, and, of course, your goals to leverage the whole thing and make it happen.

  4. Efficient and transparent communication

    Another outstanding point when you choose to outsource is management. When you hire a software development company to take care of the coding load, you’ll also be delegating a big part of the project management tasks. From absenteeism to reviewing progress, you can say goodbye to micromanaging.
    And thus come streamlined processes and communication. Your main point of contact will be the assigned project manager who’ll take care of daily chores and team management. Instead of having multiple conversations with team members to ask for updates and coordinate efforts, this unified channel will make communication much more efficient and transparent, taking a lot of the management weight down from your shoulders.

  5. Timely delivery and adherence to project deadlines

    Time is of great importance, inside and outside your organization. Meeting deadlines is key for internal coordination. It’s also a determining factor for the strategic launch of your product. With expert professionals working dedicatedly on your project, be assured it would be much more likely to have a shorter time to market.

  6. Dedicated post-development support and maintenance

    The benefits of outsourcing don’t end with your product’s release. If you hire a technological partner to develop your software solution, rest assured you’ll get much more after it goes live. Their commitment to your project also means you’ll get around-the-clock support and maintenance to ensure adjustment and later updates.

    This final guarantee of work quality is undeniably the cherry on top of your strategic decision of welcoming on board an outsourced team to your ship.

    Outsourcing teams

Vanguard-X: Your Top-notch Outsourcing Partner

At Vanguard-X, we work 24/7 to bring our clients’ vision to life. If you decide to hire our capabilities on nearshore software development, you’ll be amazed by our team’s expertise, diversity, flexibility, and speed. This is how we roll:

  1. Initial requirement assessment
    We conduct comprehensive interviews with you and your team to scan your project requirements in detail. After extensive analysis, we’ll arrive at a proposal for team design with the right set of skills and professional experience to join your project. Our goal is to provide a strong and clear foundation from the start.
  2. Candidate search
    We find the best talent in town with the perfect fit for your project. Leveraging our vast database of over 40,000 validated candidates, we identify top-tier software developers who align with your proj ect requirements. We give your exclusive access to exceptional candidates in the following technologies:

  3. Selection of top candidates (2 to 7 seven days)

After a thorough evaluation process, we’ll present you with the top two best-fit candidates for the positions available. Within 2 to 7 days, you’ll receive detailed profiles with specific data on skills, experience, and suitability. With curated information, we are committed to helping you make smart and agile hiring decisions.

Ready to Enjoy the Benefits of Outsourcing? Partner with Us!

Experience the advantages of software development outsourcing by teaming up with Vanguard-X. Visit our website at vanguard-x.com and get in touch with us today.

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