HealthApp Scheduler

A two-sided application for patients and physicians. Schedule or manage your appointments in the simplest way possible. Users can easily schedule an appointment with the physician and even virtually attend the meeting via video chat if necessary. Also, physicians can manage all appointments, as well as have access to patients’ records and data.

Finding a tailored tech solution easy to use and adopt from both sides was key for our client. In healthcare, meeting smoothly at the right time can be life-saving.

The style is simple and clean and the color palette is desaturated.

Our goal was to develop a flow where the user could schedule an appointment with the corresponding doctor in the least amount of taps possible.

The design is moder and minimalist. There is a predominance of white, subtle shadows and rounded edges.

Finding medical care with just a tap

Schedule appointments

Search for a doctor or specialty and schedule an appointment in the easiest way possible.

Chat & video call

Chat with your doctor for urgent consultations or even schedule a video call appointment for special occasions.

Appointment reminder

The next appointment card will be pinned on the main screen so you will never miss a consultation. Also, push notifications for upcoming events can also be enabled.