Cargo Vehicle Rental App

It is an application for renting cargo vehicles such as trucks or trailers. The availability of the vehicles is set from the platform and users can rent them for a defined period of time. This app acts as an intermediary between the two roles, renter and owner.

One of the challenges is that the project has already grown quite a bit in terms of code. There are approximately half a million lines of code to handle the different functionalities that include maps, notifications, search, etc.

The design is simple. We chose a saturated palette for buttons and accents.

The flow aims for the user to be able to accomplish its goal in the shortest possible time.

The design is minimalistic. We chose to make the components rounded and the accents with bright colors.

Search base

 Easily search for the type of vehicle you are looking for and see if it’s available.

Register and manage it yourself

 Vehicle owner registration and management

Company's support

Vehicle rental process with the company’s support in case of any incident.