App for Public Safety

It is a mobile team collaboration platform that delivers mission-critical command and control and incident management capabilities. The app’s collaborative experience is delivered via mobile and web clients.

It is a complex platform that includes a variety of tools such as group and incident management, chat and PTT communications, shared whiteboarding, and situational awareness for tactical teams. One tool for many missions.

We chose a dark palette that contrasts with the main color and the grays of the typography.

We made wireframes to get an overview of the whole project and various interactions until we found the best solution.

We focused on creating a friendly, simple and concrete interface, making it easy for the user to navigate and to achieve their goals.

Secure Messaging

It gives you a secure text messaging service that allows users to broadcast messages to entire groups or engage in private point-to-point conversations. All data and messages are encrypted (256-bit AES) in transit and at rest.

Situation Reports

It replaces your paper documents with digital situation reports (SitReps) and forms. Sitreps are collaborative forms where multiple users can edit the document simultaneously.

Real-time Personnel Tracking

Users can see the real-time location of members within their group. Users can be tracked automatically via GPS and device location and manually by pinning your location on the map.