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Find Out How Ubisoft Could Change Video Games with NFTs

We are living a real “NFT fever.” Famous people, such as Justin Bieber, Neymar, or Snoop Dog, are launching their creations onto the market, and many enthusiastic investors are acquiring them.

Therefore, companies also wasted no time and are already offering their own NFTs in several industries. Among them, there are video games. In this case, we will reveal the plan that Ubisoft -one of the most well-known video game companies on the planet- has to massify the sales of these tokens. We believe this could change the concept of “video games” as we know it.

Discover Ubisoft’s foray into the world of NFTs

NFTs are already in the gamer community. Ubisoft has recently mentioned the creation of a project known as Quartz, a platform that allows gamers to purchase NFTs for the first time in a AAA (big-budget) game. The first chosen game was a very popular one: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

This NFT created by Ubisoft is called Digits and has been launched in beta mode. In this way, players can acquire a series of game assets in limited editions—for instance, a skin. Digits are an “evolution” of regular skins that normally act as aesthetic customization, but they are not limited. If you play video games, you will understand: you and thousands of other users wear that accessory you like so much because it is not exclusive. On the contrary, with Digits (these new NFTs), you could wear a unique hairstyle, which other users won’t ever have. Also, being an NFT, you will have a record of all the previous owners of those pieces. This will guarantee the authenticity of your item. 

Thanks to Blockchain, each purchase comes with a certificate of ownership. This technology is decentralized and independent from Ubisoft. Therefore, gamers will offer these items for sale outside the Ubisoft ecosystem, generating a parallel market for gamers’ products. 

video games with NFTs

NFT could change the future of video games

While Ubisoft has so far made it clear that NFTs will be purely aesthetic, in the future, they could become a “pay-to-win” method. This system appeared in some video game microtransactions, but here there is a fundamental difference: the authenticity of the element.

For example, in a video game without NFT, you can invest money to buy superior weapons that allow you to have a better chance of beating other users. But in this case, digital objects are not exclusive. Therefore, no matter how much money you invest to be the best, there will always be someone else who can have the same or better objects than you.

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This situation would change with NFTs. If someone acquires the best armor in a fighting video game, they will probably be invincible. Then, if one day they get bored of that game, they will want to sell their item, recover their investment and get a capital gain

What is the risk with NFTs? Simple: that there are items that eliminate competitiveness in online video games. If users have to pay to be competitive, the basis of a game is not in the act of playing itself: it’s about investing efficiently to reach those exclusive objects.

In short, Ubisoft’s progress with NFT technology could radically change the very concept of video games

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