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4 Ways NFTs are Changing the Gaming Industry

NFTs are changing many industries, including the video gaming one. Little by little, we had become used to seeing paid items inside a game. Star Wars Battlefront II, Fortnite, or Pokémon Unite are just some of the examples you have today of games that monetize through micropayments.

NFTs and payments in video games

However, the advent of NFTs could further change the link between players and money. Will you join us to learn about some of the changes you will see soon in NFT video games?

1. Investments

NFTs function as an investment. People who buy NFT expect that value will multiply in the future to sell their NFTs and obtain a capital gain. Similar things could happen with video games.

For example, a player who is a fan of a little local game might buy the best items at a low price. However, if this game becomes popular, the value of the items might increase. Then, they may decide to sell them and get a great return on investment (ROI).

2. Pay-to-win

Micropayments also come with a problem: the possibility of pay-to-win. So far, all players can get the best items in any game. They may need some luck (and money) to get it, but the chances of getting what they want are at hand.

However, with the advent of NFTs, this may change. Someone who gets a very powerful – and unique – item will not want to get rid of it and will have a huge advantage over the rest of the players.

3. Sales outside the video game

Since NFTs run on blockchain technology, they no longer need to be sold and purchased through a centralized location. Then, another issue also arises for companies: users will be able to sell and buy items from the game itself outside the game.

Companies could miss out on different fees for each transaction. So far, in most video games it is forbidden for users to trade outside the official app. However, with NFTs, this will be impossible to forbid.

NFT gaming industry

4. Loot boxes

Loot boxes already exist today, but they could be radically transformed with NFTs. In case you didn’t know, these are boxes, or any other item, that have rewards inside. So, instead of paying directly for an item, you pay for a box that will give you random (probably valuable) items.

So far, these items were not NFTs, as they could be repeated. However, with NFTs, unique tokens could appear. Let’s take the most common case, which is FIFA. Currently, envelopes with different players appear, but none of them is unique. For instance, thousands of users may have Lionel Messi in their teams. However, with NFTs, there could be unique versions of Messi. Thus, players who are lucky enough to have them could stand out from all the others.

To sum up, you have seen that NFTs will bring about many changes in the future of the gaming industry.

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