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Justin Bieber and Neymar Spend Millions on NFTs: Why?

For many years, millionaires decided to invest their money in certain businesses. For example, they opened clothing stores, entertainment companies, or even launched their perfume line.

However, they now seem to be interested in the digital world. More precisely, in what is related to NFTs. In this case, two of the best known in the world have made a curious purchase: Justin Bieber and Neymar.

Both the pop artist and the Brazilian soccer player decided to invest millions of dollars in a collection of monkey-themed NFTs, known as Bored Ape. If you’re wondering what’s so special about these drawings, keep reading to learn all about them. 

Discover which NFTs Justin Bieber and Neymar purchased

First, you’re probably wondering how much these two celebrities have spent on NFTs. Well, in the case of Bieber, he made one of the biggest purchases in the world of NFTs, shelling out about $1.33 million

The jumpsuit chosen by Bieber is model #3001. What made its price so high is the sum of all its features. The jumpsuit has a New Punk Blue background, which only 12% of all jumpsuits have. At the same time, it has a black shirt, which only 3% of the figures own.

Other features include sad eyes (6% rarity), dark brown skin (14% rarity), and a beardless mouth (16%). As you can imagine, the value of this image is based on the combination of these elements. For example, the monkeys with the most common variables are the cheapest. On the other hand, the others tend to raise their prices

nft monkey justin bieber

The future value of monkey NFTs

As for Neymar, he has acquired two works from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. For his payment, he shelled out almost 350 ETH. After making the purchase, the Brazilian decided to use the image as the avatar of his Twitter account. Here we also see that its cost is determined by some variables.

In this case, it is the clothing, background, eyes, fur, hat, and mouth. According to data from OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace on the planet, this is the 628th rarest of this collection. Consequently, other variants have an even higher value and could be purchased by a celebrity in the future. 

Consider that, before Bieber and Neymar’s purchase, each Bored Ape had a minimum price of 100 ETH. At this time, the minimum value is 104 ETH. It is worth noting that Justin Bieber purchased this expensive version for 500 ETH, which made the value of the others rise due to Bieber’s influence. 

In short, we are experiencing big changes in the world of NFTs. If you want to read more information on this topic, you can browse our blog and our blockchain development services. We hope you enjoyed this article!

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