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How is artificial intelligence changing society and business?

benefits of artificial intelligence

The incredible technological transformations of artificial intelligence

Did you know that there are multiple benefits of artificial intelligence?

Join us to discover some of its most important uses.

Artificial intelligence is a reality: How does it work?

For a while, it seemed like science fiction. We could see it in many movies, TV series, and even books. However, little by little, artificial intelligence started to become part of our lives and changed how we perform many activities, especially those related to the Internet.

Basically, artificial intelligence (AI) is the combination of algorithms created to build machines with capabilities similar to human beings. In other words, a given software can process information and make decisions in a very similar way to what a person would do.

Over time, these virtual machines have been perfected and have achieved outstanding results in different work areas. Some systems act like human beings, as in the case of robots, where mobility is critical. On the other hand, others think like us, valid for problem-solving and learning, such as artificial neural networks.

It’s important to mention that an AI is not the same as simple computer software. The latter are computer programs that give directions to the computer through the user’s decision. In other words, an application covers all the possible options for which it was programmed. Therefore, it is common for updates to be released to cover more possibilities.

A computer program doesn’t think: it does the things it was programmed to do, and, thanks to the user’s action, it executes those options. For this very reason, the great revolution of an AI is that it does not receive orders to obtain a result: it’s capable of learning by itself and improving in the process because it alone understands when to act and when not to act. 

The benefits of an IA and how it can help us in our jobs

Here are some of the benefits of artificial intelligence:

  • Process automation. Undoubtedly, one of the most significant advantages of this technological innovation. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to automate many time-consuming tasks for human beings. If you choose an AI, you will realize that you will save your time and use it in more productive things.
  • Better decision-making. Humans can make mistakes… But artificial intelligence cannot. While a person will have to manage the algorithm that will evaluate different processes, the truth is that an AI will detect faults that might be undetectable to our eyes.
  • Prediction of variables. Not only is work done in the present and the past, but also in the future. Many artificial intelligence systems have predictive functions, which help measure the possible evolution of certain variables. This can be very useful, for example, in the field of stock market investments.
  • Increased productivity. If machines perform manual work, workers will have more free time to exploit their creative processes and maximize a company’s economic performance, for example. It means that, while an AI performs a tedious task, employees can focus on more exciting areas.
  • Variety of sectors. Finally, one of the keys to this process is that it is easily adaptable to many industries, which we will detail later. No matter what industry your company operates in, AI will always help you improve your business performance.

As you can see, artificial intelligence and its benefits came to change the business production model of many companies.

benefits of artificial intelligence

The most popular uses of artificial intelligence in industry

Let’s look at some market sectors in which an AI could work without any problems:

  • Photography. Believe it or not, photography is one of the fields where artificial intelligence appears the most. Any smartphone that goes on sale today employs an AI system to help you take better pictures. For example, if you take a shaky photo, the algorithm will detect it and try to straighten it automatically. Some editing programs have also become popular to improve the quality of your photos without the need for you to edit the parameters manually.
  • Video games. Another of the sectors in which the use of good AI has advanced the most. Especially at present, there is an application that promises to revolutionize the industry: Ray Tracing. This algorithm calculates the light path in real-time to see any scenario or character with an impressive degree of realistic detail.
  • Driving. Autonomous cars are gradually becoming fashionable. The truth is that they are also programmed by artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to predict the behavior of other drivers. Autonomous cars are based on deep learning, which is used to learn “live” traffic signs, objects, and vehicles. Another use is GPS maps, which use AI to help you reach a specific location easily, avoiding tolls or taking safe routes.
  • Product recommendations. If you hadn’t noticed, when you browse social networks, you generate a virtual “trail” that indicates your tastes. Therefore, when you enter different online shopping platforms, your preferences offer you a personalized user experience. This is done by AI, which measures your searches to offer you products according to your needs and desires to increase your online purchases.
  • Customer support. Although nothing will ever replace human, technical support, the truth is that, over time, virtual assistants have appeared that allow filtering specific user queries. For example, many companies implement virtual customer service to answer basic customer queries, all done by an AI that learns answers to certain options!
  • Sports statistics. The great technical directors of many of the leading sports on the planet use sports statistics to their advantage, either to improve their teams or to analyze the rival team. For example, in soccer, it is often used to evaluate the best buys for a particular position on the field and see the shortcomings of each athlete and improve these aspects.

As you can see, the field of application is vast. AI will continue to evolve and will become commonplace in our daily lives. All areas of business can improve thanks to this field that will revolutionize the industry.

Therefore, it’s advisable that you take advantage of the benefits of artificial intelligence, and you can apply them to your business. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We are waiting for you!