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Uses of Artificial Intelligence: How it’s Changing the World


Artificial intelligence: a new industrial revolution

Artificial intelligence and its applications are vital to know if you are looking to join the trends of the future but also of the present. Let’s take a look at the best uses of AI.

The importance of understanding the applications of AI

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the market. We must know that one of the pillars of companies lies in what is now known as the knowledge and information society. The advent of the Internet has substantially changed the way we access data, and this brings with it multiple advantages in terms of productivity.

It’s even believed that we are in the midst of a new industrial revolution, with an impact that will far exceed that of previous ones. What many people don’t take into account is that this new 2.0 revolution is associated with the proliferation of different technological developments that allow automatic learning of various tasks.

This is known today as artificial intelligence: the ability of machines programmed by humans to act or make decisions just as our species would. As we have more access to information than ever before and computer advances are becoming more and more powerful, the possibilities of using them to our advantage are even more significant.

Almost without realizing it, they have been inserted in our “day-to-day”, so we use them for things that we have naturalized, but that allows us to understand the advancement of the industry. For example, in online shopping, cybersecurity, the fight against misinformation or maps with live routes.   

Will machines replace humans?uses of artificial intelligence

There is no reason to believe that artificial intelligence will replace human beings. This belief comes from movies and series where we were shown a post-apocalyptic world with the absolute dominance of machines, mainly due to ignorance of the evolution of technology.

However, none of that will happen. Proof of this is that, believe it or not, we are currently living with artificial intelligence. It happens that it has been progressively inserted so that we get used to it, but we do not know very well when it has emerged and how it has modified our consumption habits.

In no case will artificial intelligence replace the tasks of human beings. What could happen is that we, as a species, will have to adapt to the new situation and learn new skills, especially those related to the administration and maintenance of these programs.

For example, there is a belief that robots or software will eliminate millions of jobs. This will not be the case: what will happen is that all the workers who used to do routine tasks, such as manual data entry, will be dedicated to perfecting artificial intelligence, which will improve the quality of many jobs.

Therefore, all those manual and tedious tasks will be performed by machines, which will need precise and optimized indications to obtain better results. However, by intelligently learning from user behavior, we can also improve the services we offer. Companies can add value to their products or services.

This is not something that will necessarily happen in the future, but we can see it today in a variety of applications


Artificial intelligence and its applications

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the many uses of Artificial intelligence today – many of these options will surprise you!

Music creation through algorithms

The music industry is one of the enormous beneficiaries, thanks to the advent of AI. We can see this in streaming platforms: the artists suggested to us to listen to will always relate to our musical tastes, for example, according to genre or artist.

However, artists themselves are also composing differently. Many musicians compose according to different musical patterns, which can be obtained through different algorithms to ensure that some songs can be transformed into “hits”, as neural research ensures that certain sounds can be more catchy than others.

We have reached the point where there are artists that do not exist in reality. Perhaps the most iconic is Miku Hatsune, a virtual singer that millions worldwide love to hear. Through software, users can “download” the singer and create musical pieces to perform with her characteristic voice tone.


New consumer data useful for marketing

Companies are increasingly taking advantage of artificial intelligence to obtain better financial results. This can be seen in advertising and marketing, which have exploited the full potential thanks to Big Data, which allows generating a high volume of information that will serve to make decisions.

One of the uses is through the behavior of users, who leave traces that algorithms can interpret. If you browse through social networks, you will notice that the advertising that will appear on your account will generally be related to your personal likes and dislikes. Let’s take YouTube as an example: if you are watching a video about gaming, generally, the advertising will be related to that topic.

This allows companies to find their ideal buyer persona better since each sales campaign will have a budget according to the target audience. It’s no longer necessary to generate generalized and untargeted advertising: companies now target the users who are most likely to buy their products or services.


Digital techniques for video and photo editing

There are also many advances in these fields that we have incorporated into our daily lives. But we do not always know they exist thanks to AI. Generally, most of them occur at the editing level. Both photography and video allow us to automate different tasks that would take a long time if we had to do them manually.

An example of this occurs with deep fakes. They became popular in the movies when they digitally rejuvenated different actors automatically. For instance, we saw it in the film The Irishman (with Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, and Robert De Niro young, when they are old) or with Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian, who returned to his youth thanks to AI.

However, it is also common to find uses within social networks, such as with applications of AI that allow us to use our faces in scenes from series and movies that work as memes. Through a system that recognizes our features, the application itself is responsible for “fitting” it into the natural face, with very realistic graphic results.

We can also see it in photography. Some programs improve the quality of an image with low sharpness, automatically adjusting different parameters and giving 100% professional results, which seem to come out of an official photography session. The same is true for automatic colorization, which can detect specific color palettes and artificially transform them in a matter of seconds.


Artificial intelligence: your best friend to improve UX

In short, we learned more about artificial intelligence and its applications. All companies need to benefit from intelligent learning systems.  Rather than for optimization of processes or to create value learning from your users’ behaviors, artificial intelligence is here to help you!

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