A complete walkthrough to understand AI

Got 10 minutes? Got all you need and more to jump into AI and explore what it’s about, how it’s used across different industries, and the advantages it offers.

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A complete

walkthrough to understand AI

More than $641 billion. That’s the figure of the AI market size expected by 2028. It shows what’s already happening: businesses are accelerating their AI journey. A recent survey proved that nine in ten top businesses are already investing in AI. The best news is that it can be used across all industries. If you feel like you’re not that into AI yet, this guide will give you everything you need to start analyzing your own path toward AI adoption.

We’ll cover it all. Starting with what AI is, including its original definition made by its well-known father Turing. And then going further with its uses and the advantages it offers. Of course, we saved time to look into the future and see what’s next for AI. Ready to delve into one of the game-changer technologies from all eras?


influence of AI

“Can machines think?”, Turing asked himself in 1950 when writing his paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” and he also created the “Turing Test”, maybe you’ve heard about it before. That’s the test made for machines’ to prove if they can show an intelligent behavior that’s similar to humans.

Going back to the question we talked about before, AI came to life to answer “yes” because AI has at its core the replication or simulation of human intelligence in machines. But nowadays it goes beyond that definition. 

AI does more than just give intelligence to machines, you have to think about it as a science and engineering that empowers machines and computer programs to understand human intelligence. It’s the right mix of computer science and datasets that makes problem-solving possible. 


advantages of AI

Discover the 4Ps of AI benefits:


The distribution and launch of the product will have to be planned. With AI, you can find the best way to do it.


AI can optimize production. You must know what to do, how much to do and how to do it. 


AI allows us to predict behaviors. It can be helpful to take advantage of new market demand.


Anticipate any potential problems. Our AI expertise allows us to make intelligent and accurate forecasts. 

You can request a specific P. However, we will monitor all of them.



They are not the only ones. Your industry can also be optimized thanks to AI.  

Our work in AI applies to different areas. Some of the most important ones:


You will be able to improve the planning, production, and delivery of your products or services. Efficiency is our middle name.


You will be able to keep your files safe. Undoubtedly, something necessary for all companies.


Science can be AI's best friend. Scientific developments are constantly improving. The important thing is to innovate.


You will be able to know your target audience better. Knowing what their tastes are will help your product focus on them.


future of AI

Digital transformation is not about technology. It’s about strategy and new ways of thinking.

You should know that Artificial intelligence still has a lot of room for improvement. Our job involves keeping abreast of all the new developments. We are constantly learning, as we want our developments to be 100% innovative.  

You can’t miss out on the benefits of AI’s digital transformation. 

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